Intatrade Chemicals GmbH

is supplier of high purity reseach chemicals, metalloorganic, intermediates for different application.

We offer:

Intatrade Chemicals GmbH is focussing on marketing organic compounds for micro- and nano - electronics as well as optoelectronics of organic synthesis catalysts, Intatrade  offers a wide range of hetero-organic compounds. Among them are metallocenes of practically all transitional metals, alkyl derivatives and cyclic derivatives of the 4th-group elements (particularly, those of germanium, tin, lead, silicon and others), hetero-organic compounds of phosphorus and sulphur and also organo - metallic compounds of rare-earth elements. The company offers also numerous  tris (tetramethylcyclopentadienyl) derivatives of rare-earth elements.

Chemicals Organometallic comp: Ferrocenes, Stannum, Tungsten, Nickel, Chromium, rare-earth metal compl. Protected amino acids, Chiral compounds Intatrade Chemicals GmbH represents some Russian producers as exclusive agent in EUROPE and other counties.

This alliance has focused on new organic, organometallic and nonorganic substances, supplying them customers for micro and nano-electronics, optic electronics, and catalysts of fine organic synthesis. One of our activity field is the production of the water-soluble phosphines chemistry which can be used as catalysts of polymerization in aqueous media; another new project the different derivatives of calcium, strontium, tungsten, zirconium and tantalum which can be applied for MCVD., LED, OLED technology.